What I'm doing now

Building tools to accelerate the transition to sustainable packaging.

In 2015, I co-founded Lumi with my friend Jesse Genet. Since then, we and our wonderful team have been working to build a comprehensive set of tools that help businesses build a more sustainable packaging supply chain.

  • Lumi a marketplace to find packaging manufacturers along with tools that help manage your supply chain
  • Lumi ID a packaging identification tool that helps end-consumers access packaging disposal and sustainability information.
  • Slash Packaging a directory of brands that have a /packaging page where they share their packaging sustainability commitments. Why I started this.

Talking about the ideas that are shaping our patterns of consumption for the better.

My podcast, Well Made, is where I explore ideas that could help us shift the way we think about the long-term health of our planet and people.

My guests have included entrepreneurs, journalists, non-profit leaders, authors, and experts, from organizations like Patagonia, Climate Neutral, B Corporations, Shopify, Etsy, The Wall Street Journal and more.

Designing better tools for thought.

So much of my work revolves around creating tools organizing knowledge, that I have been refining the tools that help me make tools.

Recently, I have been open-sourcing several projects revolving around my use of Obsidian, a knowledge management app. You can find all of these on my Github page, and support my work via Patreon.

My goal with these is to create the most natural and distraction-free environment for thinking.

If you're just getting starting with organizing your thoughts try my 40 questions to ask yourself every year.


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