What I'm doing now

Designing better thought-processing tools

I’m the CEO of Obsidian, a non-linear thought processing app that helps you think more clearly about complex topics. I am also iterating on several free and open source Obsidian add-ons particularly a theme called Minimal.

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Accelerating the transition to sustainable packaging

I created Lumi with my friend Jesse Genet

  • Lumi a software platform to find and collaborate with packaging and print manufacturers.
  • Lumi ID a packaging identification tool that helps end-consumers access packaging disposal and sustainability information.
  • Slash Packaging a directory of brands that have a /packaging page where they share their packaging sustainability commitments. Why I started this.

Exploring how we can change patterns of consumption

I hosted a podcast called Well Made. It’s a compendium of ideas that can help us shift the way we think about the long-term health of our planet and people.

My guests have included entrepreneurs, journalists, non-profit leaders, authors, and experts, from organizations like Patagonia, Climate Neutral, B Corporations, Shopify, Etsy, The Wall Street Journal and more.