Obsidian Web Clipper


Web Clipper is a bookmarklet I made for Obsidian that saves articles and pages from the web as Markdown files in Obsidian. It is compatible with Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and mobile browsers.

Get the source code



Create a new bookmark in your browser, then copy/paste the minified code from this Gist into the URL field.

You can customize the output using the optional variables at the top, and the template at the bottom. The default template is designed for use with the Dataview plugin. If you make changes I recommend using Bookmarklet Maker to minify and URI-encode the bookmarklet.


By default, clicking the bookmarklet creates a new Obsidian file from the main body of the article (similar to Readability view). Alternatively you can choose to create a file from a selection, by either selecting all (CMD+A), or just a portion of the page.

Downloading images for offline use

Any images in the content will be embedded as external references. If you want to download images locally you can use the Local Images plugin which allows you to download images for a note.


This bookmarklet may not work on all websites and browsers. You can troubleshoot issues by opening the Developer Console in your browser and checking if any errors appear when you click the bookmarklet.

The most common error is that a website or the browser itself is blocking third party code execution. This is commonly due to the connect-src Content Security Policy (CSP) used by some websites.

Community-led variations