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Stadium of selves

January 2020 1 minute read

How many days have you been alive?

Yesterday I found out that I have been alive for 12,431 days. If each day I split off into a new person those 12,430 previous selves would fill a stadium.

If I live to 90 years old, there will be 32,850 selves in that stadium. That’s 20,420 more of us than there are today.

The things I do today can meaningfully affect those 20,420 future selves, and hopefully many selves of many other people. But most of us won’t know if what we did will turn out to be important until much later.

For example, Stephan 8,297 met Jesse 7,571 on September 5th 2008, she is now my business partner of 10 years. It seemed like most other days at the time, but it changed the course of 4,135 of my selves since then.

By December 31st 2020 there will be 364 more of us. I am doing things today for all my future selves. What can I do today to make ourselves proud of this self?

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